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Custom Graphic Analysis 2010–11 MacroMonitor

Charts bring data to life in just the way that a picture is worth a thousand words. For example, charts allow visual comparisons of data between populations of interest. In general, charts are easier to read and more interesting to look at than are data tables. For these reasons, we created Custom Graphic Analysis (CGA) decks for your use. A CGA is a set of over 600 PowerPoint charts that derive from 2010–11 MacroMonitor data.

Each CGA highlights the breadth of financial behaviors, channels, uses, product ownerships, demographics, and attitudes in the MacroMonitor. Download a brief example of a CGA for a sense of what type of charts the MacroMonitor can include and how it presents the data.

2010–11 MacroMonitor subscribers can order a custom CGA with a comparative base and up to six populations of interest to your organization. Using the contents table, you can easily choose which areas you would like to focus on—Balance Sheets, Consumer Credit, Investments, Financial Planning, Attitudes, and so forth. We deliver Custom CGAs electronically in PowerPoint.

Five CGAs are available for immediate download:

Please don't hesitate to contact us with questions about ordering your CGA or if you would like additional information.