2014–15 MacroMonitor Customer Oversample

The ultimate marketing-intelligence tool is one that combines your customer intelligence with MacroMonitor insights. Integrating a custom oversample of your customers with the MacroMonitor creates this tool. Effective segmentation is key to success. A custom oversample saves time and cost thanks to MacroMonitor's enhanced methodology.

  • Segment your customers and prospects. The MacroMonitor enables market segmentation that provides insights into the full extent of each segment's value to your businesses. CFD provides various types of statistical analysis to develop new segments or to apply to your existing segments. Third-party variables may be appended.
  • Next-product/cross-sell potential. The ability to maximize customer relationships is critical to profitability. Whether your segments derive from product ownership, channel preference, institution use, or financial attitudes, you can explore the segments to identify next-product purchase—or optimal product bundle—on the basis of household preferences and existing institutional relationships.
  • Competitive assessment. Analyses of complete customer profiles by institution explain the competitive marketplace: Which institutions are positioned for success and which institutions may be vulnerable? With what other institutions do you share customers? Which customers no longer have a relationship with you?
  • Relationship acquisition and extension. Distill information for your agents, advisors, representatives, and other sales personnel. Product and service recommendations on the basis of financial need or life events, for example, may help to identify, qualify, and persuade prospects most effectively.

CFD recommends a sample of 1,000 completed surveys; a minimum of 500 is necessary. Custom oversample prices include deliverables: the equivalent of one formatted page of additional, proprietary questions; dataset; top-line volume; custom crosstabs; and custom graphic analysis (CGA).

For more information or to discuss how you may use custom oversamples to enhance your strategy, marketing, or research, please contact us.

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