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About the 2014–15 MacroMonitor

The successful use of research is often confused by more data; success is dependent on using reliable data and extracting the most value for your dollar. The MacroMonitor is an exceptional value because only the MacroMonitor provides a single integrated source of data about all US economic households' financial needs, behaviors, and attitudes. You use your resources—time, attention, and budget—wisely when you subscribe to the MacroMonitor. Subscribe today

The 2014–15 MacroMonitor began fielding in June 2014.

2014–15 MacroMonitor: What Do Subscribers Receive?

Standard MacroMonitor Deliverables


A national probability sample representing all US economic households. It includes an oversample of affluent households ($100K or more in income or $500K or more in assets excluding the primary home). Data are in ASCII format. Data include over 200 calculated variables such as Net Worth, Total Debt, Investable Assets, and Life Stages.

Ruby Laser Basic

A password-protected, web-based application to create custom tables easily. The dataset includes variables such as demographics, products and services, and attitudes. Three profiles are prebuilt: demographics, calculated balance sheets, plus MacroMonitor's standard banner. It includes training and one unique user name and password.

Subscriber Orientation

An online, interactive-training workshop to orient you and demonstrate how your organization accesses and uses data. It includes a review of standard MacroMonitor and CFD deliverables and a Q&A about your needs.

Top-Line Findings

Survey results in questionnaire format trended to the previous year's results.

Standard and Affluent Crosstabulations

Two comprehensive crosstabs (in Adobe PDF format) with responses to all survey questions. The standard banner includes age cohorts, socioeconomic strata, and life stages. The affluent banner includes millionaires, core customers (based on the institution where the household keeps most of its assets), and investment-focus segmentation.
Download a sample crosstab page

Standard Graphic Analysis (SGA)

More than 600 PowerPoint slides of charts covering the majority of the survey's questions. Six SGAs are available for download: Generational Cohorts, Life Stage, Traditional Affluent, Affluent Core Customers, Millionaires, and Race and Ethnicity.
Download a sample SGA

Profiles and Implications (P&I) Tables and Charts

The data tables and related charts on which the monthly Profiles and Implications Summaries (formerly Segment Summaries) are based. Tables and charts are print-ready in Excel and are formatted with tables and charts side by side. It includes all household populations related to the each month's P&I Summary.
Download a sample set of P&I Tables and Charts

References and Resources

An online library of answers to questions, such as questions about survey methodology, sampling, weighting, validation, calculated variables, and definitions. Read more

Quick Stats

A fast-reference chart library of key population trends (2002–14), such as all US households, age cohorts, first-time homebuyers, and transaction channels. Each chart includes population counts.
Download a Quick Stats sample

Subscriber Website

A password-protected website for use by subscribers' institution to access the majority of MacroMonitor's deliverables, such as the questionnaire, Top-Line findings, standard crosstabs, SGAs, newsletters, mini-presentations, and deliverables from prior MacroMonitor waves to which they subscribed.

Standard CFD Deliverables

Presentation of Findings

Macro trends and implications from the consumer's POV. Your pick of two findings' topics; your pick of topic for a customized presentation (one presentation per year).

MacroMonitor Market Trends Newsletter

A monthly email newsletter of important financial trends in consumers' attitudes or behaviors.

Profiles and Implications (P&I) Summaries

(formerly Segment Summaries)
Two pages of key facts about the featured monthly MacroMonitor Market Trends Newsletter population, including demographics, financials, attitudes, and implications.

"Dirty Dozen"

Annotated graphic-analysis slides related to each month's newsletter topic. Approximately one dozen of the most relevant slides, culled from the Standard Graphic Analysis decks with an analytic comment about each, provide an additional view of household populations of focus.
Download a "Dirty Dozen" sample

Executive Reports

Several concise reports each year about major trends and current topics that can hurt you, such as the declining nonimmigrant US birth rate and the reemergence of a cash economy.
Download a sample Executive Report

Consulting Days

Two days (16 hours) of use-anywhere consulting that subscribers can use for quick analysis, interpretation of findings, crosstabs, graphics, or segmentation advice.

Optional Deliverables
(Available at additional cost)

  • Additional site license
  • Data CD with fully labeled, ready-to-run files with syntax in SPSS, SAS, and Quanvert
  • Prepaid consulting and service hours with discounts available for large projects

Custom MacroMonitor and CFD Deliverables
(Available at additional cost)

  • Ruby Laser Premium: The full MacroMonitor dataset with additional software functions and capabilities
  • Custom crosstabulations: Your selection of 18 segments that are run by the entire database
  • Custom weighting
  • Custom Graphic Analysis (CGA): Your selection of 6 segments to run; over 600 PowerPoint slides of charts
  • Proprietary recontact and customer oversample surveys
  • Syndicated Custom Oversamples: Data and analysis from additional interviews with Hispanic, Asian-Indian, and LGBT households
  • Executive briefing: A recap of CFD findings about and implications for your enterprise
  • Custom strategy projects such as Product Ideation and Opportunity Discovery
  • Customized presentations: Your pick of topic; our presentation of findings
  • Custom half-day work sessions: Your pick of topic; collaboration about findings
  • Segmentation workshops: CFD's extensive segmentation experience leveraged and integrated with your objectives
  • Collaborations with other consultants, advertising agencies, and research companies to support our subscribers on their most important projects