The 2015 Asian MacroMonitor

The number of Americans of Asian descent (5% of the US population) increased faster than did numbers of any other race group between 2000 and 2010, increasing by 43%. Currently, Americans who identify themselves as Asian constitute 5% of the US population, or 14.7 million people. Just like all other Americans, Asian Americans use all types of financial products and services—bank accounts, credit cards, investments, credit loans and lines, retirement products, insurance (life, health, property, and casualty), and financial planning and advice—to help them achieve their lives' goals. Asian Americans can choose to use any institution or financial professional; they can select any channel (online, phone, mobile, in-person) to learn, buy, and manage their financial products and relationships. Finally, Asian Americans face the same challenges of competing priorities, both short- and long-term goals, and trade-offs among them all that make their decisions about how to use their resources so difficult. The key to meeting this burgeoning market of Asian Americans' financial needs is a better, more complete understanding of exactly how Asian Americans differ from other Americans—and further, how Asian subpopulations differ as well.

The 2015 Asian MacroMonitor has more current and comprehensive information about Asian American households' financial needs than any other research project has. The Asian MacroMonitor includes every type of financial product, service, institution, and channel. It has information about recent purchases and propensity. It has measures of every type of financial need, goal, purpose, and preference; hundreds of financial attitudes; and complete demographic information, including Life Stages and life events. If Asian Americans are part of your market, the 2015 Asian MacroMonitor is a cost-effective source of macroeconomic information that you can access immediately for only $20k.

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  • Top-Line, Volume I: The complete 120-plus-page MacroMonitor Questionnaire with responses from Asian-Indian-American households in comparison with responses from all US households
  • Top-Line, Volume II: The complete 120-plus page MacroMonitor Questionnaire with responses from all Asian American households in comparison with responses from all US households
  • Custom Graphic Analysis: A 64-plus-page PowerPoint presentation about the followingy:
    • All US Households
    • Asian-Indian Households
    • Asian, Non-Indian Households
    • Asian-Indian Households—Postgraduate Plus
    • Asian-Indian Households—Professional/Technical Occupation
    • Asian-Indian Households with Dependent Children
  • Asian-Household Trend: A newsletter providing a trend of Asian American households' financial-product ownership
  • Highlights: A summary of findings by financial area: Accounts, Assets, Credit, Insurance, Retirement, Cards, Institutions, Information and Advice
  • Segment Summary: A two-page executive summary of findings

The 2015 Asian MacroMonitor deliverables are generated from data collected for the 2014–15 Asian-Indian oversample using a probability, address-based sample frame to invite an online panel to participate in the survey. Respondents from the MacroMonitor who indicate they are Asian Indian are augmented by an oversample of panel households pre-identified as being Asian Indian. In total, there are 109 unweighted Asian-Indian and 169 unweighted Asian, Non-Indian households among the 4,467 households in this 2015 MacroMonitor oversample. The response rate of all households invited to participate was 51%; results are projectable to all US economic households (households that share basic finances).

Asian Americans are, and will continue to be, a major component of the financial-services landscape. The 2015 Asian MacroMonitor provides the most comprehensive, current, and cost-effective collection of information about these important financial consumers. By subscribing now, you will be able to incorporate this accurate, holistic, and timely information in your tactical and strategic decisions for the coming year.


Download the 2015 Asian MacroMonitor Subscription Form

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