The 2015 LGBT MacroMonitor

Same-sex marriage is now legal in all 50 US states. Gay and lesbian couples, however, face additional challenges because of confusing and changing laws. For example, both married and cohabiting same-sex couples must carefully consider legal protections of their income and assets, detailed financial agreements in the event of a breakup, retirement planning, and end-of-life directives. In fact, experts agree that the most basic (and critical) protections for LGBT members are power-of-attorney documents and a will. LGBT households use all types of financial products and services. To serve this community meaningfully, the important questions to answer are, "Do LGBT households use financial products differently than heterosexual households do, and do their priorities, goals, and trade-offs differ?"

The 2015 LGBT MacroMonitor supplies answers to these and other questions with more current and comprehensive information about LGBT households' financial needs than any other available research project provides. The LGBT MacroMonitor report includes all financial-product, service, institution, and channel use; recent purchases; measures of financial needs and goals; preferences; and hundreds of financial attitudes. It also includes a complete set of demographics, including life stages and life events. If LGBT households are part of your market, the 2015 LGBT MacroMonitor is a cost-effective source of macroeconomic information that you can access immediately for only $20k.

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  • Top-Line: The complete 120+ page MacroMonitor Questionnaire with responses from LGBT-headed households in comparison with all US households
  • Custom Graphic Analysis: A PowerPoint presentation containing more than 680 slides, with data by:
    • Households with an LGBT Member
    • Households with LGBT Head(s)
    • Single-Headed LGBT Households
    • Dual-Headed LGBT Households
    • Households with a Transgender Member
    • Households with Gay (Male) Head(s)
    • Households with Lesbian (Female) Head(s)
  • LGBT-Household Trend: A newsletter providing a trend of LGBT households' financial-product ownership
  • Highlights: A summary of findings by financial area: Accounts, Assets, Credit, Insurance, Retirement, Cards, Institutions, Information and Advice
  • Segment Summary: A two-page executive summary of findings

The 2015 LGBT MacroMonitor uses the same proven methodology that the MacroMonitor uses: a probability, address-based sample frame to develop a projectable online panel. Panel respondents indicate that they are—or someone in their household is—lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. The MacroMonitor augments LGBT households already in its sample with an oversample of LGBT households. In total, 451 unweighted LGBT households are in the 2015 MacroMonitor; the response rate of households invited to participate is 51%. Results are projectable to all US economic households (households that share basic finances).

Many members of the LGBT community and divergent subpopulations are gaining recognition as particularly attractive customers to financial-services providers. The 2015 LGBT MacroMonitor provides the most current, comprehensive, and cost-effective syndicated information available. Subscribe now to take advantage of this important information in time for next year's strategic decision making.


Download the 2015 LGBT MacroMonitor Subscription Form

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