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About the 2016–17 MacroMonitor

Access to the MacroMonitor, deliverables, and supporting services is available through subscription. Contact CFD today to become a sponsor.

In the current marketplace of product parity and financial-provider "utilities," it's more important than ever for you to know your customers. Only by knowing your customers' wants, needs, and shifting priorities can your institution distinguish itself.

The MacroMonitor is the gold standard for macroeconomic data about consumers' complete financial needs. Continuously measuring consumers' demographics, financials, and attitudes since 1978, the 2016–17 MacroMonitor measures more about consumers' finances than does any other source. The 2016–17 MacroMonitor survey will include new measures such as measures for Apple Pay, Robo Advisors, and Social Media.

Among other benefits, the MacroMonitor provides:

  • A robust, national probability sample—over 4,000 households including an affluent oversample—and over 4,500 measures.
  • Continuous variables—not ranges—to calculate important summary variables such as net worth, total investable assets, and total outstanding debt. Continuous variables are an accurate measure; response in ranges provides estimates.
  • Measures of more than 140 attitudes about institutions, investing, retirement, credit, insurance, financial planning, and financial attitudes in general.

Subscribers use the MacroMonitor most frequently for:

  • Profiling: Size and explore populations on the basis of demographics, product or channel use, life stages, life events, recent and likely financial behaviors, or financial attitudes.
  • Segmentation: Choose from hundreds of variables to create segmentations that reflect your organization's consumer view and to meet your specific analytic needs.
  • Trending: See almost four decades of comparable data to provide reliable trends and projections.
  • Analysis and Planning: Augment and support your organization's internal capabilities. Analysts from Strategic Business Insights and Consumer Financial Decisions bring an independent and insightful consumer perspective to help in strategic planning.
  • Data Linkages and Appends: SBI's VALS™ links the MacroMonitor with GfK/MRI's Survey of the American Consumer. The MacroMonitor can be appended with segmentation and scoring systems such as PrizmNE, P$YCLE, Cohorts, IXI's Inve$tyles and Wealth Complete, IAP's Empirics, and a process for securing FICO scores through TransUnion, Equifax, Experian, and Acxiom.