The 2019 Hispanic MacroMonitor

Hispanic Americans are part of your market! Households headed by a person of Hispanic descent represent 15% of all US households—the largest ethnic minority in the United States. These households represent a unique opportunity for financial-services providers that is sometimes complicated by language and always influenced by culture. Hispanic Americans face the same challenges (competing priorities, a balance of short- and long-term goals, and trade-offs) and use the same financial products and services that all US households use to make complex resource-allocation decisions. To connect with this burgeoning market, a comprehensive understanding of Hispanic Americans' financial metrics at present is necessary and how, as many Hispanic households become acculturated, these metrics evolve.

The 2019 Hispanic MacroMonitor is a cost-effective source of macroeconomic information that provides immediate access to a holistic view of Hispanic Americans' financial needs and attitudes. The 2019 Hispanic MacroMonitor provides a current, comprehensive collection of information about these important financial consumers. Your organization can benefit today by including the learning from the 2019 Hispanic MacroMonitor in your forward planning.

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  • Top-Line: The report is a comparison of responses between 2017 and 2019 for all questions in the MacroMonitor Questionnaire.
  • Custom Graphic Analysis (CGA): This PowerPoint deck contains more than 700 slides of MacroMonitor data crossed by:
    • All US Households
    • All Hispanic American Households and Affluent, Bicultural, Acculturated, with Dependent Children, and Retired Hispanic American Households.
  • Hispanic Oversample Trend Highlights: This comprehensive report with Executive Summary highlights trends in Hispanic American households' financial attitudes, product ownership, and behaviors.
  • Hispanic Household Highlights: This brief of Hispanic American households compares those households with all US households: demographics, balance-sheet metrics, and select financial attitudes.

The 2019 Hispanic MacroMonitor employs the same methodology that the MacroMonitor uses: a probability, address-based sample frame to develop an online panel from which participants can complete the English-language survey. Respondents to the MacroMonitor who indicate that they are Hispanic are augmented by an oversample of Hispanic households from the GfK KnowledgePanel. In total, the 2019 Hispanic MacroMonitor contains 494 unweighted Hispanic households, representing 21,380,000 US households; results are projectable to all US economic households (households that share basic finances) with at least one Hispanic head.

Hispanic Americans are, and will continue to be, a driving force in the financial-services marketplace. Subscribe now to include these important insights in your strategic and tactical plans.


Cost: $25,000

Download the 2019 Hispanic MacroMonitor Subscription Form

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