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2020–21 MacroMonitor Syndicated and Proprietary Oversamples

Syndicated and Proprietary Oversamples are available as an optional deliverable to 2020–21 MacroMonitor subscribers.

As select segments of the US population continue to exhibit greater growth than that of the mainstream, financial institutions need to gain a more in-depth understanding of their complete financial needs. Hispanic, LGBTQ, Asian, and Black households are segments that Consumer Financial Decisions (CFD) has oversampled in past waves of the MacroMonitor. For 2020–21, CFD offers four Syndicated Oversamples as optional deliverables to MacroMonitor subscribers.

Oversamples of qualified respondents—such as Hispanic, LGBTQ, Asian, and Black households—are cost-effective tools for financial institutions to use to gain a deep understanding of important segments. Leverage the MacroMonitor's depth, breadth, and trendability to your advantage.

Each syndicated (or proprietary) oversample contains an additional 100 completed interviews to increase total sample sizes. Larger samples enable analysts to find and reveal more statistically significant differences in target subsegment populations.


  • Oversample data: In addition to the standard MacroMonitor data file, a file of the oversample data with custom weights.
  • Top-Line: The complete 2020–21 MacroMonitor questionnaire with target population responses—Hispanic, LGBTQ, Asian, or Black households—trended against responses from the 2018–19 MacroMonitor.
  • Custom Graphic Analysis (CGA): A PowerPoint presentation of more than 700 slides:
    • Hispanic Oversample includes acculturated, bicultural, retired, and affluent households and households with children.
    • LGBT Oversample includes lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender subpopulations.
    • Asian Oversample includes all Asian households. For Asian subpopulations, contact us.
    • Black Oversample includes single- and dual-headed households, affluent households, and households with children.
  • Hispanic, LGBT, Asian, or Black Household Trend newsletter: The oversample population's ownership of selected financial products or attitudes.
  • Segment Summary: Two pages of bullet-pointed information and implications that focus on the trend newsletter's target population.
  • Highlights report: Findings by financial area—Accounts, Assets, Credit, Insurance, Retirement, Cards, and Institutions, Information, and Advice.


Oversample results will be available in 2021 following publication of the standard MacroMonitor deliverables.

Oversample and proprietary-sample methodology is the same as that in use for the 2021–21 MacroMonitor: a probability, address-based sample frame from which an online survey panel is developed. The MacroMonitor Hispanic, LGBT, Asian, Black, or Proprietary oversamples provide a comprehensive and cost-effective method for obtaining in-depth information about consumers important to your business.

Cost: $30,000 per Syndicated Oversample

Contact us for Propritary Oversample costs or to discuss sponsorship of Syndicated Oversamples.

The Oversample fee is for immediate billing and includes no additional analysis or interpretation. For Strategic Business Insights to field an oversample, a minimum of two sponsors are necessary for each syndicated oversample project.