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2020–21 MacroMonitor: What Subscribers Receive

Access to the MacroMonitor, deliverables, and supporting services is available through subscription. Contact CFD today to become a sponsor. Depending on your needs and preference, Consumer Financial Decisions delivers a variety of publications and service options.

Standard MacroMonitor Deliverables

  • Subscriber Website: A password-protected website for use by everyone in your organization to access standard MacroMonitor deliverables dating from 1998 to present.
  • Analysis:
    • Monthly Trends Newsletter.
    • Stories: Two-page key-fact summary about the monthly Trends Newsletter population.
    • Subscriber-site presentation of MacroMonitor findings.
  • Data:
    • ASCII Dataset and documentation.
    • Cadmium BASIC: A web-based application so that users can access and manipulate a subset of MacroMonitor data. User-training sessions are available.
    • Standard and Affluent Top-Line Reports: Survey results in questionnaire format trended against prior-wave results for all US and Affluent households.
    • Standard and Affluent Crosstabulations: Survey data crossed by standard populations (Age Cohorts, Socioeconomic Level, and Life Stage) and by Affluent populations (Affluent Segments, Core Customers, and Asset Levels). Download a sample crosstab
    • SGA (Standard Graphic Analysis): PowerPoint charts depicting survey results for six populations, such as Generational Cohorts, Affluent Core Customers, and Millionaires. Download a sample SGA
    • References and Resources: Online library of answers to frequently asked questions.
    • The Vault: Documents of historical value, such as Marketing and Executive Reports.
  • Customized Deliverables:
    • User Orientations: Interactive training sessions about all materials—such as the questionnaire, newsletters, segment summaries, Cadmium, and standard deliverables—accessible online.
    • Custom Crosstabulations: Up to 18 custom populations by the entire data set.
    • CGA (Custom Graphic Analysis): More than 700 charts by up to six custom populations.
    • Consulting: Twenty hours of consulting for special requests and small projects.

Custom MacroMonitor Deliverables (Available at additional cost)

  • Custom Crosstabulations and Graphic Analysis: Crosstabulation banners and graphic-analysis decks in addition to those included with your subscription.
  • Custom Strategy Projects: Product Ideation and Opportunity Discovery, for example.
  • Executive Briefing: A recap of CFD findings and implications for your enterprise.
  • Customized Presentations: Your pick of topic; our presentation of findings.
  • Custom Half-Day Work Sessions: Your pick of topic; collaboration about findings.
  • Segmentation Workshop leveraged and integrated with your objectives.
  • SPSS or SAS: Complete data set with syntax.
  • Cadmium PREMIUM: The full MacroMonitor dataset available in a web-based application for easy data manipulation.
  • Appends: Variables to add to MacroMonitor data from secondary data sources such as Acxiom, Experian, or Claritas.
  • Proprietary questions.
  • Proprietary recontact surveys.
  • Custom oversamples.
  • Prepaid consulting and service hours: Discounts available for blocks of time or custom projects.

Contact CFD today to become a sponsor.