Hispanic Consumers in the United States: A $220 Billion High-Growth Market MacroMonitor Marketing Report Vol. II, No. 11 June 1996

During the 1980s, Hispanics constituted the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. population. This report focuses on Hispanic consumers' financial decisions. It provides valuable insight about the variations in financial outlook between Hispanics and other ethnic groups. It also addresses how the needs of Hispanics can affect financial institutions and their business. The results of this report may prove useful to banks, investment and credit card companies, and other financial institutions interested in targeting Hispanics or increasing their presence within the Latino community in the United States.

Selected Attitudes About Personal Relationships

The following are noteworthy findings in the report:
  • Hispanics are more unlikely than other surveyed groups to try a new financial service until someone they know recommends it.
  • A small segment of Hispanics is as financially astute as the most sophisticated non-Hispanic financial investor.
  • Hispanics are the most financially risk-averse, short-term oriented of all the groups surveyed.
  • Although Hispanics consider life insurance important—much more so than do other surveyed groups—their incidence of life insurance protection was the lowest.