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Products and Services Analysis Volume 2000–01 MacroMonitor

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The Consumer Financial Decisions (CFD) group's Product and Services Analysis Volume for the 2000–01 MacroMonitor program covers the full range of retail and institutional household financial products and services. The five major sections correspond to the five basic financial needs: transactions, savings and investments, credit, protection, and information and advice. Each section presents information about products and services that serve one of those basic financial needs. The product subsections provide key product statistics, executive summaries, and analysis of survey results using CFD's proprietary Age Cohort, Socioeconomic Level, and Life Stage segmentation schemes (see Appendix F for segment definitions). We have included data from the 1996-97 and 1998–99 MacroMonitor, where comparable. "n.a." indicates the item was not asked.


Introduction i

Transaction Products
Checking Accounts 1
  Non-Interest-Bearing Checking Accounts 7
  Interest-Bearing Checking Accounts 11
Other Accounts  
  Packaged/Relationship Banking Accounts 15
  Asset-Management/Investment-Management Accounts 21
  Stockbrokerage Accounts 25
Credit Cards and Payment Services 35
  Visa or MasterCard 45
    Regular Visa or MasterCard 49
    Premium Visa or MasterCard 53
  Discover Card 59
  American Express Blue and Optima Credit Card 63
  Retail Cards 71
  Travel and Entertainment Cards 75
    American Express Cards 79
  ATM Cards 83
  Debit Cards 87
Direct Marketing 91
  Credit Cards 95
  Insurance Products 99
  Asset-Accumulation Products 105
  Other Credit Products 109
Automatic Deposits, Payments, and Other High-Tech Access 111
Personal Computers 121
  Home Banking 127
  Home Investing 133
  Internet Transactions and Account Activities 139

Savings and Investments
Savings Products 143
  Savings Accounts 149
  Certificates of Deposit 157
  Money Market Deposit Accounts 163
  Money Market Mutual Funds 169
  U.S. Savings Bonds 175
Investment Products 181
  Stock/Bond Mutual Funds 195
  Individual Stocks, Bonds, and Other Securities 213
  Wrap Accounts 223
  Margin Accounts 225
Retirement Products 227
  Individual Retirement Accounts and Simplified Employee Pensions 235
  Salary-Reduction Plans 245
  Keogh Accounts 255
  Individual Annuities 257
  Pensions 263
Illiquid Assets  
  Tangible Assets 267
  Businesses 273
  Primary Residence 279
  Other Real Estate 287
  Limited Partnerships 293
  Motor Vehicles 297
Personal Trusts 303
Custodial Accounts 309
Private Banking 317

Real Estate Loans 321
  First-Mortgage Loans 329
  Second-Mortgage and Home Equity Loans 335
  Home Equity Credit Lines 343
  Other Real Estate Loans 351
Consumer Credit 355
  Vehicle Loans 367
  Vehicle Leasing 375
  Installment Loans 379
  Other Secured Loans 387
  Education Loans 391
  Secured Credit LInes 399
  Unsecured Personal Loans 405
  All Other Credit LInes 409
  Revolved Credit Cards 415

Insurance Products
Property/Casualty Insurance 425
  Vehicle Insurance 427
  Homeowner's/Renter's Insurance 433
  Mortgage Insurance 439
  Credit Insurance 443
Life Insurance 447
  Group Life Insurance 457
  Individual Life Insurance 465
    Term Life Insurance 477
    Whole (Straight) Life Insurance 485
    Universal, Variable, or Interest-Sensitive Life Insurance 491
  Policy Loans 495
Health and Disability Insurance  
  Health or Health-Related Insurance 499
    Group Health or Health-Related Insurance 509
    Individual Health or Health-Related Insurance 517
  Disability Insurance 525
    Group Disability Insurance 533
    Individual Disability Insurance 541
Other Insurance  
  Travel and Accident Insurance 545
  Professional and Regular Liability Insurance 549
  Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance 557

Information and Advice
Information and Advice 565
  Financial Advisors 573
  Types of Information and Advice 577
  Information Sources 585

Balance Sheets
Assets 589
Liabilities 601
Net Worth 607
Insurance Products 611
Transaction Products 617

A   MacroMonitor Survey Methodology A-1
B   Survey Weighting Procedures B-1
C   Sampling Tolerance Tables C-1
D   Calculated Variables D-1
E   Alphabetical Index—Table Locator E-1
F   Household Segment Definitions F-1