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Presentation Topics 2004–05 MacroMonitor

Download the complete document

Subscribers to the 2004–05 MacroMonitor may select two from any of the topics below for the free on-site presentation. More information about these topics is available in the complete Presentation Topics PDF document. Additional and customized presentations are also available.

Give us a call to discuss which of these topics (or others) would be most beneficial to your organization's objectives. Or print out the first page of the PDF, check the two topics that you would like for your presentation, and fax it to us at +1-609-734-2094. Include your name and telephone number, and we'll call you to set up a time for the presentation. By communicating the historical background, current status, and projected trends as well as stimulating discussions about these topics, you can better prepare your organization for the challenges that lie ahead as the financial-services industry evolves. We can help. Contact us.

Presentation Topics:
  • Revolving Retirement Revisited

  • Consumer Disengagement with Financial Services

  • Trust of Financial Institutions and Intermediaries

  • Cross-Selling Progress Report

  • New Life Stages: Child Free, Post Retirement, and Extended Adolescence (Boomerang Kids)

  • Understanding the Self-Reliant, the Collaborator, and the Delegator

  • Institution Loyalty: Switchers, Stickers, and the Susceptible