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Products and Services Analysis Volume 2006–07 MacroMonitor

The Consumer Financial Decisions (CFD) group's Products and Services Analysis Volume for the 2006–07 MacroMonitor program covers the full range of retail and institutional household financial products and services. The five major sections correspond to the five basic financial needs: transactions, savings and investments, credit, protection, and information and advice. Each section presents information about products and services that serve one of those basic financial needs. The product subsections provide key product statistics, executive summaries, and analysis of survey results using CFD's proprietary Life Stage segmentation (see Appendix F for segment definitions). We also include a Balance Sheets section summarizing, among other elements, U.S. households' assets, liabilities, and net worth. Where comparable, we include data from the 2002–03 and 2004–05 MacroMonitors.

For the convenience of our clients, the 2006–07 MacroMonitor Products and Services Analysis Volume was published in stages as a series of loose, 3-hole punched sections. Clients received the first section, Savings and Investments, along with the Appendixes, with a binder and tabs. The Insurance Products, Transaction Products, Information and Advice, Balance Sheets, and Credit sections followed and were to be placed in the binder behind the appropriate tabs.

Products and Services Volume Sections  
Transaction Products Download Section
Savings and Investments Download Section
Credit Download Section
Insurance Products Download Section
Information and Advice Download Section
Balance Sheets Download Section
Appendixes Download Section