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Custom Graphic Analysis 2008–09 MacroMonitor

Clients can now get custom 2008–09 MacroMonitor results in PowerPoint!

Until we all develop telepathy, the only means that we have to communicate with each other is through words, numbers, and pictures. The MacroMonitor does an excellent job providing results that primarily use words (reports) and numbers (tabulations), and now, we have a deliverable that provides results as pictures. CFD is proud to make available the visually-oriented deliverable, the 2008–09 MacroMonitor Custom Graphic Analysis (CGA).

The CGA provides a series of more than 550 charts (in PowerPoint, with the underlying data) that show results from the 2008–09 MacroMonitor for up to six client-selected population segments. Although not exhaustive, these charts cover the breadth of financial attitudes, behaviors, channel use, and demographics that the MacroMonitor contains. Download a brief example of the CGA to get a sense of what type of charts can be included and how the data will be presented.*

Current clients of the 2008–09 MacroMonitor can download a complete set of standard slides for six Life Stages, five Generational Cohorts, six Income segments, and six Investable Assets segments. All of these sets also include the population of All U.S. Households for comparison. When you order your custom CGA, you may select the six population segments that you wish your PowerPoint presentation to focus on, as well as the chart sections that you wish to include in the presentation (for example, Balance Sheets, Consumer Credit, Investments, Planning and Advice, and so forth).

If you have any questions about the CGA, the MacroMonitor, or any of the ways in which CFD may be of assistance, please feel free to contact us.

* Although the CGA example is in PDF format, you will receive your custom CGA in PowerPoint format as well as hard copy.

For 2008–09 MacroMonitor Clients: