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Singletons: 50 Million Single-Headed Households Mini-Presentation April 2012

The decline of the traditional nuclear family results in an increase in the number of multigenerational and single-headed households. Single-headed households—Singletons—now represent nearly 50 million of roughly 125 million independent US economic households. Not only do the financial needs among Singleton households differ from those of their two-headed-household bretheren, but the way in which Singletons would like their needs to be met, and many of their underlying financial beliefs and attitudes about these financial needs are also very different. If you are serving products and services to the general public, there is a very good chance you have Singletons among your customers.

Watch this mini-presentation by Larry Cohen, director of Strategic Business Insights' (SBI's) Consumer Financial Decisions (CFD) group, to find out more about Singletons and their needs.

If the embedded video does not display correctly, view it on YouTube's website.

For more information on this topic, see the April 2012 MacroMonitor Market Trends newsletter, Singletons: 50 Million Single-Headed Households.