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Presentation Topics

Presentations are an essential method by which subscribers gain industry-wide perspective on the state of consumers' financial households. With four decades of data, CFD's MacroMonitor has an unparalleled ability to trend data. Trended data provide an understanding of where consumers have been and how they are changing and show direction for the future of the financial-services industry.

Each MacroMonitor subscription includes two presentations: one each year. A presentation consists of a one-and-a-half-hour informal presentation of topic-specific data with knowledgeable commentary and a half-hour Q&A session.

Subscribers may choose any topic for their presentation (see list of examples below). To discuss a presentation customized to your specific needs, contact us for scheduling.

Suggested Presentation Topics from MacroMonitor Data

  • Attitudes about Financial Advice, Planning, and Intermediaries
  • Bubbles in Borrowing
  • Consolidation: A Relationship Threat
  • Debt's Revenge
  • Financial Needs: A Gap Analysis
  • FinTech in the Age of Amazon
  • Investing: The Great Divide
  • Millennials' Next Chapter
  • Not Too Big to Fail with Consumers
  • Online Financial Behaviors
  • Shifts in Life Stages
  • The Boomer Blush Is Gone
  • The Effects of Life Events on Households' Financials
  • The Future of Life Insurance
  • The Peer-to-Peer Revolution
  • Transaction Trade-offs
  • Who Can Afford to Retire?
  • Why Should Consumers Trust You?

Other Services

CFD integrates with other SBI services such as SBI Consulting, VALS™, Scan™, and Explorer. In addition to providing MacroMonitor deliverables and access to financial-consumer experts, CFD provides subscribers with entrée to cross-disciplined teams of senior-level statisticians, seasoned survey designers, technology analysts, consumer-psychology experts, and adept process professionals.