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The MacroMonitor Scope and Coverage

The MacroMonitor addresses all aspects of consumers' financial needs—transactions, credit, assets, protection, and information and advice—and includes complete demographics, financial behaviors, and extensive financial attitudes in a single-source database. Specifically:

  • Transaction Products: Demand-deposit accounts, credit cards, packaged accounts, asset-management accounts, stockbrokerage accounts
  • Channels: Direct marketing, online services, automatic transactions, direct versus face-to-face channels, dedicated agents, intermediaries, and electronic and mobile devices
  • Savings and Investment Products: Savings accounts, certificates of deposit, money market deposit accounts, money market mutual funds, US savings bonds, education savings accounts, 529 plans, stocks, bonds, stock and bond mutual funds, Treasury-issued securities, wrap accounts, margin accounts, and more esoteric investment products
  • Retirement Products: IRAs and SEPs, SRPs, Keoghs, annuities, pensions
  • Illiquid Assets: Primary residence, other real estate, business, motor vehicles, tangible assets, limited partnerships
  • Credit: Real estate, vehicle, installment, private and government education loans, and secured and unsecured personal loans
  • Insurance Products: Vehicle, homeowner's, renter's, mortgage, credit, group and individual life, policy loans, health and disability, other insurance
  • Information and Advice: Financial advisors, types of advice, level of trust and financial control, sources of financial information, financial topics of interest
  • Balance Sheets: Assets, liabilities, net worth
  • Institution Use: Depository, investment and financial planning, insurance, finance and credit
  • Demographics: Age, income, education, race, marital status, presence of children, type of home, employment status, and life stage, and more
  • Attitudes: General financial, investing, retirement, credit, insurance, financial planning and advice