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Scenario Discontinuity Analysis: Cargo and Package Delivery August 2017

About This Report

How will cargo- and package-delivery services integrate new technologies such as artificial intelligence, driverless vehicles, human-augmentation solutions, and advanced robots? Will there be end-to-end, fully-automated services that take cargo from port to person? To what extent will human-augmentation technologies, robot taxes, anti-robot sentiment, and other factors help keep human-based–logistics labor competitive? This Scenario Discontinuity Analysis addresses these and many other key issues that could have a major impact on where cargo and package delivery fits within the driverless future.

This report is available to sponsors of Driverless Futures Phase 2.

Table of Contents

Presentation Outline 2
Driverless + Logistics 3
Online-to-Offline Markets 4
Future Directions 5
Exploration of Key Uncertainties 6
Technology Development 7
Regulations 8
Competitive Landscape 9
Markets and Applications 10
Demand Factors 11
Required Resources 12
Scenarios and Opportunities 13
Scenario A: Open Throttle 14
Opportunity Examples 15
Scenario B: Systems of Systems 16
Opportunity Examples 17
Scenario C: Whatever Works 18
Opportunity Examples 19
Cross-Scenario Implications 20
Detailed Opportunity Examples:  
Opportunity: AR Tech Provider 21
Opportunity: The Smartest Cities 22
Opportunity: Multirole Robots 23
About SBI 24