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Collaboration Tools

This Explorer technology area has been discontinued.

Explorer offers limited, short-term web access to this discontinued technology. If you would like access to these documents, please contact us to discuss pricing and details.

Technology Map Detailed Contents October 2018

Importance of the Technology

The Technology in Brief

  • Products
    • Enterprise Messaging Apps
    • Cloud Storage
    • Project Workspaces
    • Videoconferencing/Telepresence
    • Web Conferencing
    • E-Learning Systems
    • Knowledge Bases and Wikis
    • Enterprise Social Networks
    • Social Analytics
    • Document Creation and Editing
    • Video Creation and Editing
    • Community-Management Tools
    • Enterprise Content Management and Search
    • Unified Communications
    • Work Marketplaces
    • Product Suites
  • Enabling Components
    • Software Technologies for Future Collaboration Systems
    • Hardware Technologies for Future Collaboration Systems

Commercial Development Parameters

  • Demand Factors
  • General Constraints
  • Synergistic Technologies
  • Competing Technologies
  • Required Resources
  • Regulatory Factors

Areas to Monitor

  • The Shadow Cloud
  • Progress in Automation Software
  • Big Data
  • Commoditization of Collaboration Tools
  • Human–AI Collaboration
  • Firewall-Centric Security
  • Management Structures for Virtual Teams
  • Digital Distraction
  • Fragmentation of Consumer Social Media
  • IT-Department Politics
  • Progress in Augmented Reality

Implications of Commercialization


  • Applications
    • Calls and Messaging
    • Everyday Teamwork
    • Remote and Face-to-Face Meetings
    • Learning and Knowledge Management
    • Content Creation and Sharing
    • Social Networking
    • Business-Process Optimization
    • Customer and Partner Relations
  • Business Models
    • Software as a Service
    • Software Licensing


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