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Synopsis 126 Outline June 2020

On 6 May 2020, staff in Strategic Business Insights' Menlo Park, California; Croydon, England; and Tokyo, Japan, offices discussed and analyzed more than 100 developments and events that relate to the coronavirus and coronavirus disease 2019 (covid-19), identifying societal, political, commercial, industrial, and technological implications of the covid-19 pandemic and its effects. As a result, this month's Scan set—Scan™ in the Time of Covid-19—features 18 pandemic-related issues and implications that will help decision makers navigate the uncertainties of the years ahead. (Also see July 2020's A Further Look at Covid-19's Impact.)

Scan Framework

The framework arranges this month's Signals of Change and Patterns on a scale of urgency (short to long term), and reflects the degree of uncertainty (low to high) surrounding the topic. Each item's color highlights which aspect of decision-making the topic is most likely to affect.

Scan Framework Title and Uncertainty Scale An image displaying the overall figure title, "Scan Framework", and below the title, a horizontal line graphic that spans most of the width of the content column, with arrowheads on both left and right ends of the line. The words "Low Uncertainty" appear towards the left end of the line; the words "High Uncertainty" appear towards the right end of the line. Scan Framework LowUncertainty HighUncertainty Scan Framework Scale of Short Term vs Long Term, and Color Key An image displaying a horizontal line spanning the width of the column content, with the words "Short Term" on the left end of the line, the word "Midterm" in the middle of the line, and the words "Long Term" at the right end of the line. Below the line is a graphical color key corresponding to the colors of the boxes containing text in the HTML code above. Each color signifies a broad area of application for the given topic. Blue indicates "Infrastructure"; Green indicates "Organization"; Yellow indicates "Talent"; Orange indicates "Creation"; and Red indicates "Marketing". Short TermMidtermLong Term Infrastructure: Support, Resources, Market Structure, Legislation Organization: Strategy, Operations, Company Structure Talent: Human Resources, Company Culture, Collaboration Creation: Design, R&D, Materials, Enabling Technologies Marketing: Market Research, Advertising, Distribution, Pricing

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Signals of Change

SoC1161 — Scanning: The Pandemic and Its Implications

The occurrence of the covid-19 pandemic and the resulting economic slowdown were not unforeseeable.

SoC1162 — Pandemic Rise of the New HR

Plausibly, the coronavirus and the covid-19 pandemic will lead to long-lasting changes in human-resources (HR) practices.

SoC1163 — Technologies' Roles and the Pandemic

A look at technologies' roles during the pandemic could provide cues about the technologies' uses when the pandemic ends.

SoC1164 — The Pandemic's Impacts across Industries

A growing economic crisis is challenging businesses and creating great uncertainty going forward.

SoC1165 — Reshuffling Societal and Budgetary Priorities?

Policy makers will reconsider societal priorities and the allocation of financial resources.

SoC1166 — Scenario Planning for the Pandemic's Aftermath

Custom scenario-planning efforts can help decision makers move from gaining awareness of a changing world to preparing for such a world.


(Results of the Scan™ Meeting on 6 May 2020)

P1501 — Misinformation Pandemic

Like the current pandemic, a wave of misinformation and disinformation has spread around the world.

P1502 — Vulnerability and Inequality during the Pandemic

The pandemic will not only have a large death toll but also put a spotlight on polarized societies. A significant proportion of students lack home access to computers and the internet.

P1503 — The Great Working-from-Home Experiment

People are working from home and learning online on a scale that almost no organization planned for.

P1504 — The Tech Giants and the Pandemic

Although uncertainties exist, the pandemic could increase the tech giants' influence on digital life.

P1505 — No-Contact Services

The pandemic is creating opportunities for companies that are operating under the current social-distancing conditions.

P1506 — The New Homebodies

The pandemic's forcing many people to stay at home is resulting in a variety of behavior changes, some of which may be permanent.

P1507 — Disease and Cure: A Balancing Act

Determining which responses to the pandemic best balanced medical needs and economic considerations will take years.

P1508 — Medical Monitoring and Surveillance Technologies

Governments and organizations are using monitoring and surveillance technologies to help manage the spread of the coronavirus.

P1509 — The Pandemic's Effects on Business Models

The pandemic could change some business models permanently.

P1510 — The Ascent of Robots during the Pandemic

Current lockdown and social-distancing measures are expanding opportunities for service robots.

P1511 — The Pandemic's Push: Global versus Tribal

Many reasons exist for increasing global collaboration during the pandemic; however, the opposite might happen.

P1512 — Supply-Chain Resilience?

The early stages of the pandemic highlight the strengths and weaknesses of current-generation global supply chains.