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Quick Tips and Examples

Search by typing words and phrases.

Try to use discriminating terms that are likely to be found only in the documents you seek. The more words you give, the better results you'll get.
artificial intelligence pattern recognition algorithms
The search engine will give a higher rank to documents that contain multiple occurrences of your search terms. It will also rank higher documents that contain your search terms in the order you typed them. In the above example, a document containing the phrase "artificial intelligence" will be ranked higher than a document with the word "intelligence" at the begining of the page and "artificial" at the end of the page.

Identify exact phrases with quotation marks.
artificial intelligence "pattern recognition" algorithms
Use a require or reject operator (+,–).

Use a plus sign to require a word, a minus sign to eliminate a word.
video +games -"world of warcraft"
Searching for video alone is ambiguous. Is it looking for tutorial videos, entertainment videos, or video games? You can use the plus sign to require that the word "games" be in the document. You can use the reject operator (the minus sign) to narrow the field by eliminating the game title World of Warcraft.

Use a wildcard operator.

The wildcard operator * (asterisk) matches any number of characters.
A search for electr* will find documents that contain the words electric, electronic, electricity, and electricians.

Search terms are automatically stemmed.

If the search engine recognizes the search term as an English word (and if the word is not part of an exact phrase surrounded by quotes), it will return results for variations on that word (plural, past tense, etc.)
A search for network will find documents that contain the words network, networks, networked, or networking.

Search Syntax Summary

Operator Action Example
"term1 term2 ..." Specifies that words should be adjacent "laser printer"
+term Requires the term +"laser printer" color
term Excludes documents containing the term "laser printer" -color
term* Multiple character wildcard. cha*ge
(returns results for change, charge, and challenge)
Terms that are recognizable English words are automatically stemmed.

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