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MacroMonitor Insights and Implications for the Future of Mobility Video November 2021

In the past two years, many business and personal assumptions have been challenged and found wanting. At the same time, people's lives slowed to a crawl because of public-health measures, and new technologies and business practices were adopted and embraced more quickly than anyone imagined. Many systems, practices, and business models have been pushed to the breaking point. Many people are burned out; everyone's resilience and adaptability is being tested.

This series of videos examines consumers' early response to economic disruptions caused by the COVID‑19 pandemic. In this video, Larry Cohen (director of SBI's Consumer Financial Decisions and the MacroMonitor) discusses the relationship between physical mobility (changes of residence or employer) and socio-economic mobility, and how shifting priorities and social attitudes among US households might affect the future of financial-services.

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