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Strategic Roadmapping

Strategic Roadmapping is an integral part of Strategic Business Insights' (SBI's) approach to strategy development and implementation. Building on the technology roadmapping processes common in Silicon Valley, SBI has taken the approach several steps further. Our roadmaps contain more information than the typical technology development timeline. We feature products and services and show their relationship to required features and functions, as well as underlying technologies. We also identify important critical business considerations including critical external factors, or signposts that might dictate a new direction.

Strategic Roadmaps are an effective way to communicate and coordinate technology and business strategies, plans, and related activities. Moreover they provide the basis for effectively gathering and monitoring strategic intelligence.

Working with clients, SBI consultants develop strategic roadmaps in the three parts illustrated below.

'Industry-Level' Roadmaps Illustrate the Overall Landscape 'Company' Roadmaps Identify the Intended Pathway (Strategy) 'Action' Roadmaps Identify Prioritized Activities