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About Scan™

Scan™ offers companies an early jump on the future.

The future is uncertain, and constantly changing dynamics alter the business environment at an ever-increasing pace. We provide early awareness of changes by analyzing and interpreting seminal events in the marketplace that trigger those changes. Scan is the organizational radar to navigate the future.

A chaotic external environment establishes constantly changing dynamics and uncertainty for commercial and government organizations.

Uncertainties and risks have proliferated during the past decade as a result of the increasing complexity of and turbulence in the marketplace. Globalization, privatization, deregulation, competition, and an acceleration of the advances in science and technology all are creating increasingly complex, interdependent, organic systems that demonstrate nonequilibrium dynamics typical of complex ecological systems.

The interplay of cultural, commercial, and technological factors in the marketplace defies prediction and creates uncertainty.

The Complex External Environment

The marketplace is an ever-changing, turbulent confluence of commercial, societal, and technological factors. The most important tools for remaining afloat in the turbulence are a constant awareness of the changes going on around one's organization and the ability to sense, make sense of, and adapt to these changes.

Scan™ provides constant awareness and a continuous and systematic open-intelligence process:

  • Providing early warning about topics not yet identified as strategic
  • Scanning unstructured information about the external environment
  • Clustering data points into topic areas of possible strategic importance
  • Sorting and ranking new topics of strategic importance for action.