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Opportunity Discovery

Move your consumer business into new market spaces or technology areas. Think about the future end user. Hypothesize about the wants and needs of three distinct early-adopter groups.

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Opportunity Discovery Infographic

The following text appears within the Opportunity Discovery Infographic:

  1. Clarify Project Objectives: Identify the innovation area of interest such as the car, the kitchen, or the technology suite of interest.
  2. Consider the End User: Compare and contrast the lives and motivations of three VALS™ early-adopter types.
  3. Generate Ideas: Facilitate an ideation workshop to identify a wide range of innovation possibilities for each early-adopter type.
  4. Cluster, Screen, and Select: Narrow the innovation possibilities into a manageable set of promising opportunities.
  5. Create Opportunity Profiles: Evaluate the market potential to determine whether to pursue the opportunity further.