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The U.S. VALS™ Survey

What's your VALS type? Take the VALS Survey to find out!

Things to Know Before You Begin:

  • No answers are right or wrong; just select the responses that best describe you.
  • When finished, click "Submit" to display your VALS type.
    We will not email your survey results to you. They will appear in your browser window.
  • Your results page will show two VALS types: your primary type (the consumer group that best describes you) and your secondary type (the group that you are second-most like).
  • By design, the questions are inteded for people whose first language is American English. If English is not your native language or you are unfamiliar with U.S. culture and its idioms, your results may not be accurate.

If You're Having Trouble Taking the Survey:

  • Javascript and cookies must be active; please check your web browser preferences to make sure that they are enabled.
  • Network firewalls or browser pop-up blockers sometimes interfere with the survey. You may need to temporarily disable them.

About This Survey

The purpose of this survey is to identify the VALS type of the person answering the questions. That's it. To find out about the likely product ownership, media preferences, hobbies, additional demographics, or attitudes of the various VALS types, the VALS Survey questions are also integrated into other, larger surveys that gather data about those topics. That allows us aggregate and anayze the responses to questions on a variety of topics, and identify broad trends and similarities within with the different VALS segments.

So go ahead. Take the VALS Survey and find out your own VALS type!