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MacroMonitor Market Trends Newsletter September 2017

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Hispanic-Household Optimism

Between 2008 and the most recent MacroMonitor survey (fielded June through September 2016), Hispanic-headed households have been consistently more optimistic about the next generation's future than all US households have been: Even through the Great Recession, many Hispanic Households remained optimistic about their children's future. Recent events, however, may jeopardize this bright future. The repeal of the Obama-era "Dreamers" (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA) program, will potentially alter the prospects dramatically. The United Press International reports on 7 September 2017 that attorneys general from 15 states have filed a lawsuit to block the Trump-administration repeal. To date, great uncertainty exists about how events will play out.

Figure 1: Trend: The Next Generation Will be Better Off than Mine (Mostly Agree)

Between 2012 and 2016, fewer Hispanic-headed households (HHs) than all US HHs report that they are financially stable, financially secure, or have more than they need financially. In 2012, 60% of all US HHs reported financial stability or security in comparison with 56% of Hispanic-headed HHs. All US HHs recovered more quickly from the Great Recession than did Hispanic-headed HHs (67% versus 56%): By 2016, the percent difference between all HHs and Hispanic-headed HHs began to close (70% versus 63%). Many Hispanic HHs came to the United States to take advantage of increased economic opportunity. These households remain optimistic about the future for their children.

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