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About SBI's Three Perspectives

Evaluating Opportunities from Three Perspectives

To identify a favorable business advantage, every opportunity needs evaluation from three perspectives:

  • Technology that drives innovation
  • The business environment that will shape technology use
  • Demand that determines consumer adoption or rejection.

Considering only one perspective or integrating only two perspectives—such as a hot technology and a competitive analysis—provides an incomplete picture. Ignoring demand places your company at risk. SBI believes that considering only two of the three perspectives carries inherent risk.

SBI's Insights in Brief—a periodic email newsletter—provides readers with highlights from our current ongoing research that focuses on one or more points of the triangle: Foresight, Scan™, Explorer, and VALS™.

SBI's consulting services integrate all three critical perspectives: First, to broaden thinking—expand the horizon. Second, to identify which opportunities exist within a context of capabilities and three perspectives. And third, to focus and detail those opportunities that represent the best revenue potential for your company.

For more information about our services, contact us.

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