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Virtual Worlds

This Explorer technology area has been discontinued.

Explorer offers limited, short-term web access to this discontinued technology. If you would like access to these documents, please contact us to discuss pricing and details.

Technology Map Detailed Contents August 2012

Importance of the Technology

The Technology in Brief

  • A Brief Virtual-Worlds History
  • Definition: Virtual Worlds
  • Selected Consumer Virtual Worlds
    • Second Life
    • Club Penguin
    • Avatar Kinect and PlayStation Home
    • World of Warcraft
    • NBA: King of the Court
    • Virtual-Worlds Platforms
  • MMOG Engines and Tools
  • Software Components
    • Distributed Architectures
    • Programming Languages and Standards
    • 3D Graphics
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Speech Interfaces
  • User Devices
  • Infrastructure

Commercial Development Parameters

  • Demand Factors
  • General Constraints
  • Synergistic Technologies
  • Competing Technologies
  • Required Resources
  • Regulatory Factors

Areas to Monitor

  • Conditions That Are Likely in All Future Scenarios
    • Augmented Reality
    • Virtual Goods
    • Secure Virtual Worlds
    • Generation Y
    • High-Performance Networks and Devices
    • Regulation and Governance of Virtual Worlds
    • Virtual-Worlds-Provider Landscape
    • Open-Source Virtual Worlds
    • Interfaces to Enterprise Applications
  • Conditions That Vary Greatly across Scenarios
    • Ability to Reach Mainstream Users
    • Interoperable Virtual Worlds
    • Major Usability Improvements
    • 3D Web
    • Gamification

Implications of Commercialization

  • A: The Google-Run World
  • B: Virtual-Worlds Balkanization
  • C: Mobile and Augmented Reality Virtual Worlds
  • D: The 3D Web
  • Further Consequences of Change


  • Applications
    • Games
    • Social and Creative Virtual Worlds
    • Commerce
    • Marketing and Advertising
    • Industrial Plant Simulation
    • Collaborative Work
    • Training and Education
    • Military and Security Training and Planning
    • Public Communication
  • Business Models
    • Consumer Subscriptions
    • Enterprise Sales
    • Advertising-Supported Virtual Worlds
    • eBay Business Model
    • Bundled-Service Business Model



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