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How Well Do You Know Your Target?

To be successful, an enterprise needs not only to identify its best target but also to know the target in a manner that enables the company to develop:

  • Products and services that meet the needs and fulfill the desires of the target
  • A strategy to position its offers effectively, and
  • Communications that connect emotionally with the target in media where the target is most likely to see the company's messages.

Demographics help project market demand—demographics describe what people are.

For example, 18% of US adults are between the ages of 25 and 34.

Behaviors help in positioning—behaviors describe how people live.

Of adults ages 25 to 34, 90% own a smartphone; 86%% own a vehicle.

Attitudes identify trends that influence behavior.

Of adults ages 24 to 34, 67% agree that having one mobile device that can do everything is very convenient.

The US VALS Framework

VALS™ integrates psychology, demographics, and behaviors to make consumer motivations clear.


    Achievers have a "me-first, my-family-first" attitude. Anchors of the status quo, they follow a traditional life path.


    Strivers are the center of street culture; they live in the moment.


    Experiencers are the first in, first out of trend adoption; they go against the current mainstream.