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Use VALS™ to Leverage Your Research Investment

Good marketing is dependent on reliable research. Rarely is it possible to collect all of the data necessary for a successful marketing campaign in a single survey. As a result, marketers' challenge is to integrate data from multiple surveys or append data from different sources—the use of demographics in such efforts is a common denominator.

Although demographics are important, demographics alone are insufficient for marketing purposes because they do not provide consumer insights. In various surveys, VALS provides a validated method to link studies so that no research findings are lost; understanding the VALS segments expands to increase marketing usability.

The following example of Innovators illustrates the importance of data linkages across time and samples.

Understanding Innovators

The US VALS Framework

VALS Insights


  • Are novelty seeking
  • Have the confidence to experiment, fail, and try again
  • Want big-picture context
  • Can be contrarians

Data from Client-Proprietary Studies

  • 28% of Innovators consider themselves environmentalists (ecoAmerica, 2011)
  • 28% of Innovators believe they will be more attractive to date if they have a car (SBI's Peak Car Study 2013)

Data from SBI's MacroMonitor: Macroeconomic Survey of US Households

Snapshot of Innovators' Financials

Total Financial Assets $518K
Total Investable Assets $395K
Retirement Assets $307K
Total Liabilities $155K
Net Worth $755K

Financial Attitudes (Mostly Agree)

  • I feel comfortable doing financial business on the internet (40%)
  • There are better financial products than life insurance for saving or investing (46%)
  • I resent executive pay at financial institutions I do business with (47%)

Data from Syndicated Research: VALS™/GfK MRI


  • Innovators frequently travel, dine out, and attend a wide variety of art, cultural, and sporting events
  • Innovators favor participation in individual over team sports

Relationship with Advertising (Agree Completely)

  • Much of advertising is way too annoying (30%)
  • I like to look at advertising (2%)