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About Strategic Business Insights

Strategic Business Insights (SBI) works with clients to identify and map new opportunities based on emerging technology and market insights. We combine ongoing research with consulting services to create insights that affect customers, business, and technology.

With our help, leading organizations identify coming changes faster, separate hype from reality, and create strategy with a greater awareness of what the future may bring.

SBI stands apart from our competitors in our staff’s ability to integrate all pieces of the puzzle necessary to manage the future: the technology developments that will determine commercial opportunities, the forces that will define the business environment, and the shifts in consumer demand that will shape the marketplace. Read more about these three perspectives.

SBI is the former Business Intelligence division of SRI International that has worked with clients on opportunities and change since 1958. Headquartered in Silicon Valley—with offices in Japan, the United Kingdom, and New Jersey—we have a global reach and work across a wide range of government and business sectors, including electronics, health care, energy, and financial services.

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