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Dominican Republic VALS

Dominicana VALS segments adults in the Dominican Republic into one of eight consumer groups on the basis of primary motivations: Ideas, Achievement, and Stimulation.

To learn more about Dominicana VALS and its use, contact Jacobo Riquelme at Mercom Venezuela ().

Dominican Republic VALS Framework

The Dominican Republic's Consumer Groups

  • Reflexivos are predominantly knowledge-oriented and reflective. They exercise power and leadership in society through intellectual pursuits.
  • Hogareños are sociable and open to learning, but the center of their universe is home.
  • Conquistadores are natural leaders who enjoy physical and intellectual challenges; they reach beyond tradition through an appreciation of modern life.
  • Fajadores are planners—they focus on goals and objectives.
  • Básicos prefer stability over change and to follow decisions of others rather than leading.
  • Vanguardistas want to change the world. They want to be the center of attention through their style of dress and opinion leadership.
  • Disputestos pursue fun and entertainment through social events and generally focus on excitement in many of their daily activities.
  • Tradicionales show little ambition or interest in novelty and instead prefer a simple, traditional life. Their motivation seems to be homostasis (energy balance and quietness).