The 2017 Hispanic MacroMonitor

US residents of Hispanic descent (17.6% of the US population) constitute the single largest ethnic minority in the United States. Mexico is the only country in the world with more Hispanics, in actual numbers, than the United States has. In 2015, the United States was home to 56.6 million Hispanic Americans. That number is likely to be almost 130 million by 2060. Similar to other Americans, Hispanic Americans use all types of financial products and services—bank accounts, credit cards, investments, credit loans and lines, retirement products, insurance (life, health, property, and casualty), and financial planning and advice—to help them achieve their life goals. Hispanic Americans can choose to use any institution or financial professional, and they can select any channel (online, phone, mobile, personal contact) to learn about, buy, and manage their financial products and relationships. Hispanic Americans also face the same challenges that all US households face: competing priorities, balance of short- and long-term goals, and trade-offs that make decisions about how to use their resources so complex. The key to connecting with this burgeoning market is to have a more complete understanding of where Hispanic Americans' financial attitudes, behaviors, and balance-sheet metrics are at present and also of how they have changed with time.

The 2017 Hispanic MacroMonitor has more current and comprehensive information about Hispanic American households' financial needs than any other research project offers. It includes every type of financial product, service, institution, and channel in use. The MacroMonitor has information about recent purchases and future purchase propensity, and it measures various financial needs, goals, and preferences; hundreds of financial attitudes; and extensive demographics, including life stages, life events, and balance-sheet metrics. Hispanic Americans are part of your market! The 2017 Hispanic MacroMonitor is a cost-effective source of macroeconomic information that provides immediate access to a holistic view of Hispanic Americans' unique needs.

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  • Top-Line: The complete 120-plus-page MacroMonitor Questionnaire compares Hispanic American household responses between 2016 and 2014.
  • Custom Graphic Analysis: This PowerPoint deck contains more than 660 slides of MacroMonitor data by:
    • All US Households
    • All Hispanic American Households
      • Affluent Hispanic Households
      • Bicultural Hispanic Households
      • Acculturated Households
      • Households with Dependent Children
      • Retired Households.
  • Hispanic American Household Trend Highlights Report: The report features trends in Hispanic American households' balance sheet, financial behaviors, and financial attitudes.
  • Segment Summary: This brief summary of research findings for acculturated and bicultural Hispanic-headed households examines differences in households with dependent children, retired heads, and Affluent households.

The 2017 Hispanic MacroMonitor employs the same methodology that the MacroMonitor uses: a probability, address-based sample frame to develop an online panel from which participants can complete the survey. Respondents to the MacroMonitor who indicate that they are Hispanic are augmented by an oversample of Hispanic households from the GfK KnowledgePanel. In total, the 2017 Hispanic MacroMonitor contains 463 unweighted households coded as Hispanic, representing 20,289,000 households across the United States. The results are projectable to all US economic households (households that share basic finances) with at least one Hispanic head.

Hispanic Americans are, and will continue to be, a driving force in the financial-services marketplace. The 2017 Hispanic MacroMonitor provides a comprehensive, current, and cost-effective collection of information about these important financial consumers. To include the data and insights in your strategic and tactical decisions for the coming year, subscribe now!


Cost: $25,000

Download the 2017 Hispanic MacroMonitor Subscription Form

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